Landscape photography courses

Landscape photography tuition Birmingham

For our landscape photography courses we cover both the technical and creative aspects of photographing ‘in the wild’.

Landscape photography tuition Birmingham
Landscape photography tuition Birmingham

We can help you learn the techniques of landscape work and how to get the best from your camera, offering experience in camera control, technique and composition.

Landscape photography courses Birmingham
Photography courses Birmingham

Paul will cover a wide variety of topics, from scouting a location and achieving the right composition to the best shutter and aperture settings to use. This course will help you develop the skills to become a confident landscape photographer.

The location of the course is up to you –  depending on your location we can either try somewhere that you’ve always wanted to photograph or we can recommend suitable locations to try if you’re not sure where to choose.

Normally for these courses we recommend bringing a tripod and any filters you might have – but if you don’t have any of these items, don’t worry, we can always let you borrow ours and help you decide what you do or don’t need to buy if you decide you need to get some for the future.

Long exposure night photography courses, Birmingham

Or if you prefer, we can also help you improve your night photography to achieve stunning cityscapes and light trails.