About us

Photography courses by award winning Birmingham photographer Paul Ward

We offer photography courses in Birmingham which range from ‘one to one’ photography tuition to group courses. You might be looking to learn the basics on your new DSLR camera or maybe you’re confident in some areas of photography but not in others … In either case we can tailor the course or session to focus on exactly what techniques you want to learn about. Sessions can be booked as a one off or done or as multiple sessions should more tuition be required. If you require models or makeup artists on the course then we can arrange that too*

Our studio is based near Birmingham city center but it is possible to arrange the course or tuition for anywhere in the UK or even internationally if that’s what is required.

Our main tutor Paul Ward has been a photographer for over 20 years and recently won the fashion photography category at the 2020 British Photography Awards. Paul has a wealth of experience to draw upon. He was a regular contributor to Digital SLR Photography magazine and his work has been printed and exhibited all around the world.

*model hire is at extra cost.


One to one tuition

One to one tuition prices start from £320* for a 3 hour session or £550* for a 6 hour session.

Group workshops

Group courses – 6 hour group sessions can also be arranged starting from a cost of £120* per person (please note – you’ll need to arrange a minimum of 5 people to do a group session)

*model hire, if required, is normally around £60 extra per 3 hr session or £120 extra for the 6 hr session.


While most photographic courses such as the studio lighting and DSLR basics course are run from my studio in Birmingham, location and landscape courses can be done either locally around Birmingham or from anywhere in the world, depending on your budget or requirements.

Please contact me with your requirements or for more info.

*sessions on location may be charged extra to cover travel / accomodation expenses.


Bring what equipment you have – because it’s far better to learn on your own equipment rather than borrowing gear that you won’t be using afterwards.  However, if you want to do a session and try stuff out before you commit to buying a camera, we have a variety of equipment including Nikon, Canon DSLRs and also Panasonic mirrorless cameras – so if you’re still undecided on which camera system is best for you we can help you decide too.

Also sometimes we may be using lighting / filters / tripods etc but don’t worry if you don’t have those items, we can always use ours during the session and then decide whether or not you need to purchase these things as and when you need to.