DSLR camera tuition

DSLR camera tuition

Beginners DSLR / Camera training

This course is ideal for beginners and enthusiasts who are eager to learn the basics of their DSLR Camera.. If you’re an amateur photographer who feels frustrated with the photos you are currently taking, but don’t know how to improve, this course is ideal for you. This type of DSLR training is offered either on location or at our studio and incorporates the practical application of basic camera skills while actually taking photos.

Our one-to-one method will allow you to learn at a pace suited to your skill level as we cover the basic theory before going out to take photos. If you’re looking to move away from “Auto” mode, and take control of your creative vision, this is the perfect way of doing it.

Intermediate DSLR / Camera training

If you know the basics of your camera already but are looking to go a bit deeper into it’s capabilities, then maybe an Intermediate DSLR Photography Skills course is the one for you. It balances understanding the technical aspects of your camera, with composing images in a variety of settings and lighting conditions. The best way to improve your photography skills and learn to push the boundaries is to get out there and shoot, so on this course, I’ll be working alongside you to help you get the type of photos you visualise taking.

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